Cosmic Conversations, April 23rd, 2021: Confronting Anger

Updated: Apr 23

When opportunity knocks, are you going to get up and answer?

Or are you going to cry about the past and fear the future?

Dreams are great, but what’s the point if there is no action behind your dream?

Happy Venus Vibes Friday Soul Tribe!


Sending all of you beautiful Gemz abundance and love on this amazing Friday.

Be open to receive!

Mars takes us straight into the emotional waters of Cancer, where we will be forced to confront anger and unsettled emotions. Have you ever wondered, what would happen if you just slowed down and properly dealt with your emotions, confronting the ego and its limitations?

Well, let Mars in Cancer be the conversation you need to hear that will get you out your feelings and into the bag.

That’s only if you really want to be in the bag.

I’m just saying, we always scream I want the bag.

But, if we have not dealt with our past bullshit, can we even handle holding the bag? Something to really think about.


To hear more details about Mars in Cancer, listen to the following link.


The Moon is still organizing her way through Virgo, until Saturday at 11:05amCST, where she will enter Libra

During this time, she is trine the triple conjunction with, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. The practical energy of Virgo helps us get our shit in order.

What do you need? What do you want? How can you structure yourself to be a better you?

Although trines are wonderful conversations, they can make us lazy.

It’s important to get off your ass, because change is not passive.

We are so used to operating in this passive mode.

Our actions, speech, and thoughts, all passive!

We need to move forward and become the driving force of love in ACTION!!


We have a busy weekend ahead. I'll provide more details next time!

Today's reccomendations

  • Meditation and breath work

  • Going out in nature

  • Reading and learning

"The most epic movement forward is when you find the courage to trust in the unseen."

With Love


Today's DailyGems video- Twista feat. Kayne West & Jamie Foxx - Slow Jamz

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