Cosmic Conversations, April 24th-25th, 2021: At Your Best, You Are Love!

What matters most right now, is becoming present in your heart and allowing new thoughts to take root. No distractions, the only thing you should be focusing on is YOU!


Your development, empowerment, healing, and growth, the rebirth of you.

The restoration of your spiritual will and desire to achieve. Through the actualization of your higher self!


Like the tree of life, we are rooting deep into the rich soil of Mother Earth, expanding beyond our current boundaries and out into the universe.

Taking root through the power of the heart.

See, they had it wrong all along. The goal wasn’t to leave the body to reach higher consciousness. The goal was to reach it through the heart.

This weekend's conversations are LIT!


Let’s dive straight into the juicy tea, so I don’t waste your time because I know we all have things to do.

First up we have,

Moon entering Libra (Initiating)

Mercury conjunct Uranus, 10 degrees in Taurus (fixed)

Saturn trine North Node, sextile South, 12 degrees Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius (Fixed/Mutable)

Venus square Saturn (Fixed)


Mercury square Saturn 12 degrees Taurus/Aquarius (Fixed)

Mercury conjunct Venus 13 degrees Taurus (Fixed)

Conjunction= 0degrees, blending and connecting

Trine= 120degrees, manifesting, ease, and harmony

Sextile= 60degrees, new opportunities

Square= 90degree, conflict, stress, and tension

Can you initiate change in your relationships, thoughts, and patterns. Or are you fixed in old ways?

When the Moon is in Libra, it’s important to remind yourself that you do not need to seek the approval of others. The most important relationship you have, is with YOURSELF. If that relationship isn’t your best, don’t expect everything to work in divine order! Do not expect people to have your best interests at heart. Listening to their projections will only stunt your growth. Trust yourself and your ability to make healthy decisions that serve your best interest.

Whenever Mercury & Uranus link up, it’s a conversation of the higher & lower mind. This conjunction in Taurus is the fixed and stabilizing force that will root our inner operating system in love. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and will always bring the lower mind to higher points of realization. The energy elevates our creative expression to new heights and grants us access to some pretty amazing downloads. Write them down!!


Check yourself before you pop off and run your mouth. AVOID DISTRACTIONS!

No matter much you are tempted.

We will continue to see hard situations unfold in the news. The world is purging at a level that some may not understand.

It's important to trust that everything will work out for the highest and greatest good in your life.

When the collective is charged up on anger, fear, and hate,


Venus & Saturn cause minor blockages and challenges in the realm of finances, relationships, contracts, and social connections. While Venus is feeling right at home in Taurus, Saturn challenges our boundaries, values, and self-worth. This square is a major steppingstone to setting healthy and rewarding boundaries for yourself. Once you realize the only thing that is blocking your path, is you.

Balance that checkbook, start a new savings plan, clear any debt, and make room for financial abundance.

In order to step up and show up in our highest self everyday, we need to establish healthy boundaries, discipline, and daily self-care.

Mercury amplifies the energy 10 notches up, by squaring Saturn and conjunct Venus on Sunday.


Mercury & Saturn help us structure our communication, thought process, and properly articulate our words. If you are someone like me that has a hard time with communication, even though you love to speak. This is the planetary conversation will help you develop more power in your throat.

Mercury's tight conjunction with Venus, 13 degrees in Taurus. 1+3=(4), is the stabilizing force of life and building block for material manifestation.

Words, represented by Mercury form our foundation, Venus in Taurus.

When we are mindful of our words and the stories we are telling ourselves, we unleash the potential for higher manifestation to take place. All you need to do is be receptive, compassionate, gentle, speak from your heart, and open the door to empowering and loving connections.

Finally, we finish up the weekend with the Sun square Hygiea, 5 degrees in Taurus/Leo.

I recently spoke about Mercury & Hygiea the other day being the wake-up call to make health a priority.

Well, the Sun amplifies that message forcing us to root in love and take full responsibility for our health.



We can not sustain higher dimensions if the body is not honored and cared for. The body is the soul’s vehicle and divine vessel for this lifetime. The sacred temple of life, Solomon's temple!

The Moon is extremely active in a mystic triangle with Neptune & Pluto. I didn't get too much into her other conversations this weekend, because she is literally chatting it up with everyone before reaching fullness in the constellation of Scorpio.

I know you are feeling the feels and the magnetic sexual power of the upcoming Supermoon. Bigger and brighter than ever, staring right into your heart.


Use this weekend to establish safety, security, and sacred space.

Your primary focus is trusting yourself, believing in your vision, and living your truth!

It’s time to walk the talk,

because you already sparked the intention.

Call down your higher self and gracefully charge forward in your truth.

This weekend’s recommendations

  • Connecting with Mother Earth

  • Creating sacred space for yourself

  • Spiritual baths/cleansing, connecting with water

  • Avoid negative thinking, stress, and arguments

Every goal you set for yourself this weekend has the potential to be successful!

New opportunities to foster long term ventures appear, as new ideas and plans form.

Take reasonability for the direction your life is heading. At any given moment, you have the power to switch gears!

Remember, at your best you are love.

So be the driving force of love in the world you wish to see!

Have a wonderful Weekend!

With Love


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