Cosmic Conversations, April 21st, 2021: E-motions, Energy in Motion

Updated: Apr 21

Today’s planetary forecast is mild with limited Sun, and a 100% chance of some amazing downloads. Delivered straight from my crown to your mobile device.

Mercury, the illuminated messenger and gatherer of information, forms a tight square to Hygiea, the asteroid of holistic healing. A square is a 90 degree conversation between the planets involved that creates stress and tension. Overcoming that tension is the ultimate reward. I love squares because they call us out and force us to get up off our ass!


Mercury represents, communication, short travels, technology, speech, mind, thought process, nervous system, logic, learning, information, mental agility, messages, tricks, and practical jokes. I’m sure we all know good ole' Mercury by now. Triple OG!

Hygiea was discovered in 1849 and is the 4th largest asteroid in our solar system, taking over five and a half years to orbit the Sun.

That is what I call, Trappin through the stars.

Thanks to the gravitational pull of nearby planets Jupiter & Saturn, Hygiea’s orbit changes over time. In other words, she is caught in between the abundant & expansive nature of Jupiter, and the strictness of Saturn. One likes to party, the other has work to do. Both are important components of the psyche.

Hygiea was named after the Greek goddess of health, daughter of Asclepius. She represents an important role regarding our views on health, holstic healing, and medicine. Although her name derives from the word hygiene, she symbolizes more than just the basic hygiene of the 3D world.

She is the delicate matter of preserving balance within the body and mind. She governs the most important aspects of our health and daily hygiene we tend to overlook and brush to the side.

Trust me, I know all about brushing off health.

Her square to Mercury, 4 degrees in Taurus and Leo. Mind you, we are still in a number 4 month, 4 is the elements, foundation, preservation, stability, security and values. Which asks us to give more love to the body, not just the mind. The territory of self-care may often seem challenging or emotional. But it's really time to step up and start taking care of ourselves.

We don’t schedule doctor appointments or find the right physician that respects our views. We don't exercise or eat healthy. Instead, we pass it off and think that everything will go away. But guess what? It doesn't go away and this square is a wakeup call for everyone!

This will also bring more global health concerns to the forefront.

More forcing of the vaccine and other stuff that compromises the health of the mind, body, and soul.

There are so many things being called to question this season. Food, health, finances, nature, recycling, weather, and so much more!

The Moon is in Leo until Thursday afternoon. Central time of course!

I always like to highlight the time zone I am working from, just in case there’s any confusion.

While in Leo, the Moon squares Uranus 10 degrees in Aquarius. In a fire trine with Chiron and the South Node. Opposite Saturn and making love to the North Node.

So let’s break it down!

Moon in Leo, is like a child at heart, but when emotions are not properly assessed there is a rapid boil of angry outbursts. This placement suggests that conditioning has reinforced self-confidence and may have created an emotionally insecure nature, and shitty attitude. When manifested at the highest level, the Moon in Leo has cleared away the shadows of the subconscious with the sacred vibrations of the heart.

Growth occurs when we learn how to surrender the ego to the higher self. This powerful fire energy shoulder be used to learn self-mastery and quiet the desires of the ego. The true throne is internal!

The Moon is triggered by Uranus, generating sudden emotional outbursts and unexpected change. Forming a fire trine with Chiron and the South Node, our Earth star charka, which signifies a powerful cleansing of past attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs. Old stories of trauma lodged in the physical body seeking to be cleared. This also speaks to the need to be in the limelight, to seek 3d applause and attraction. The ego's need to be heard and seen on the throne.

An opposition (180° conversation) to Saturn suggests, we need to get it together! A new routine is needed, discipline, order, organization, and structure.

It's clear with the conversation between Mercury & Hygeia, our health is being called to question. Time to create healthy boundaries for ourselves.

Emotionally, mentally, physically, and spirituall.

Mars is two degrees from finishing up in Gemini, in the decan of the Sun, modern day ruler Uranus. Mars is currently out of bounds by declination till May. 24th. This energy dissolves the boundaries and limitations around Mars' volatile energy and generates aggression and violence. Mars is not even in Cancer, and we are beginning to feel the emotional waves crash against the shore.

Anger, frustration, pain, and sadness are necessary emotions. It’s how well channel the energy in motion!

This is definitely going to trigger some emotional healing in an upcoming square with Chiron, underneath the May New moon. Anger in the body needs to be released!

Photo by: Artist Kim Byungkwan

The fire energy provided today is best used for fire rituals, purification of old ways, and the creation of something new. It also stimulates our sex drive to higher frequencies.

Sexual energy is divine creation, its life, love, and power. Tap into your sexual energy and consciously manifest balance and healing.

Earth signs, time to get the shadows of self-delusions and deception. The only relationship or work you need to focus on is YOU! Your garden needs some attention!!

Air signs, you are feeling more empowered to tackle projects and goals. Where the money resides? Oh, you are learning, the money resides within you! Take some time and enjoy nature. Put the phone down, clear out old emails, and text messages.

Usher in new business connections.

Fire signs, slow down you are moving too fast. Enjoy the beauty of Taurus season and connect with nature. Get out there and explore. Do something you have never done before. Find a new routine to help you channel any unwanted anger or emotions. Dissolve in order to create.

Water signs, meditation, exercise, and dieting are all great ways to release emotional stress and pent up tension. We do not need any hurricanes. Channel your emotions into completing your projects.

All signs!

Remind yourself in these exact words,

“I am guided by my own higher power”

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With that being said! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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