Cosmic Conversations, April 22nd, 2021: Material Manifestation

Updated: Apr 22

Another day, another dollar, the planets hate it when I leave, because when I leave, I never call them.


Happy Jupiter Day Soul Tribe! and Happy Earth Day too!

Sending so much love to Mother Earth🌍

Abundance, expansion, growth, luck, and new opportunities, surround us on this divine Thursday. All paths leading towards the dramatic Scorpio Supermoon and Pluto retrograde. It's about to go down! ☺️ The Scorpio way!

May I be Scorpio extra for a moment and just say, this Full Moon is going to transform you from the inside out.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I know you heard that before, but it’s obvious that every planetary conversation, Moon cycle, and cosmic shift, is a steppingstone to our divine truth. The soul’s promise!

Being a Scorpio Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto. Scorpio Moon in sidereal, I always look forward to Scorpio anything. I am screaming Scorpio every season. If you have heavy Scorpio placements you would get it. I always say, “To live the life of a Scorpio is to die many deaths” Alchemy and shapeshifting is an honor.

I mean all we do is shed, transform, heal, make money, have sex, eat food, get a lil moody, and hide out in our cave. But we love! And our love is raw, pure, and straight from Source.

No one wants to travel the 8th house of death, rebirth, sex, and transformation. Yet, each and every single one of us goes through this process during various stages of our lives.

Ok, so enough about Scorpio’s and let’s get back to the daily flow.

Today’s major conversations involve the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus. We are also graced with the annual Lyrid meteor shower that will peak early morning in the northern hemisphere. This is actually one of the oldest meteor showers recorded in history.

When you wish upon a star, you are wishing upon the ancient energy of you! Ask yourself if you had 3 wishes, what would they be, what would you do? Really think about this, write it down, be clear, and give it to the cosmos.

Right before the Moon moves into analytical sign of Virgo at 8:07am CST. She forms an opposition to Jupiter 27 degrees in Leo and Aquarius. Moves forward in a sextile with Mars 29 degrees Leo and Gemini, finally enters Virgo, and then trines the Sun 2 degrees. Grounding our details and plans into Earth energy.

Ok, so quick breakdown,

I used the word conversation in place of aspect. In astrology, an aspect is an angle formed between the planets involved.

The angles I am discussing today are,

Oppositions = 180-degree aspect that signifies bringing two opposing forces together. A tug of war, that needs balance and unity

Sextile = 60-degree aspect, this what I am referencing to when the planets are making love. Sextiles create wonderful new opportunities. The energies work well together

Trine = 120-degree aspect, I call these manifesting conversations and past life gifts. Trines are wonderful and provide an easy flow of communication and agreement. Be aware because they can be a little lazy.

Conjunction= 0-degree aspect, planets are blending together, nearby buddies. Normally in the same sign but can occur out of quality.

The Moon represents our underlying emotional nature, feelings, intuition, memories, subconscious, and our ancestral lineage.

Jupiter represents abundance, confidence, growth, expansive, adventure, travel, philosophy, law, religion, and our inner belief system. Jupiter loves to push the boundaries of experience beyond the confines of our personal belief.

2+7degrees=9, on the Leo/Aquarius axis, the fixed polarity. 9 symbolizes endings and beginnings, the completion, and gate of movement that ushers us into a new threshold.

Leo represents the establishing of our core, soul self, and our creative expression, whereas Aquarius is the higher mind that holds a unique individual perspective yet respects the “group”. Leo desires self-integrity and pride, while Aquarius desires to expand consciousness in order to understand, learn, and observe different viewpoints in society.

This opposition between the Moon and Jupiter is the expansion of our creative gifts, philosophies, and worldwide views, while learning how to respect the beliefs of others. It also speaks to heavy ancestral trauma and connecting back with our roots.

This energy may cause overconfidence when explaining beliefs and viewpoints. There are strong opinions over everything and exaggerated emotions. Oppositions have a tendency to swing between extremes. In this case it's either too much information, food, or sex or too little. Either way balance is needed.

Coupled with fire & air, the energy is best used for material manifestation. Fire signs are life givers, air signs is the force of that life.

Such a magnetically powerful combination.


If you have been feeling less than your sexual self, you can count on today's energy to stimulate your sex drive. Leo and Aquarius energy loves to have freaky, raw, unconventional fun.

Sexual energy is great for healing and manifestation. Alchemy!!

Different breathing techniques, like orgasmic breathing are great techniques to increase your sex drive. Sex is creation, not just flesh. It creates material desires. Desires and things we deserve and need.

The Moon and Mars make love after her opposition to Jupiter.

Mars rules our physical drive, stamina, and power. 29 degrees, 2+9=11, this dynamic dual provides confidence and ease to act on the expansion of our creative gifts brought on by the Moon’s opposition to Jupiter. Since Mars symbolizes the psychological method and mode of action. You have to ask yourself, if new opportunities come my way, and I'm depleted, how will I be able to act for my highest and greatest good?

Much of this year signifies us acting from our highest self. Putting our best foot forward.

Since Leo & Aquarius are fixed and stabilizing signs. We need the multidimensional energy of Mars in Gemini to facilitate change as we expand into new territories.

Listen, we are learning what does and does not work for us. We are taking the best of the best and turning it into diamonds and gold. No one said this process was going to be easy, sometimes it would be nice if it was easy and if it came quicker. But soon we will learn why it is so worth it. Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait and sometimes we don’t want to hear that, but it’s the truth. That is why we get up, heal, and attract it faster!

So anyways, after some intense conversations the Moon moves into Virgo.

Be prepared for headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, and indigestion.

Whenever the Moon is in Virgo, you can count on her disrupting our nervous system. If you experience these issues, it would be a perfect time to revamp your diet and exercise routine. Trust me, I had to revamp mines too!

Avoid being overly critical of others. Criticism is just a subconscious projection. A conditioning and negative pattern that needs to be transformed into the light.

Today would be a great day to clean that clutter, catch up on correspondence, read, organize, and STOP WORRYING!!!

Take it from a Virgo rising, when you throw away the clutter, exercise, stop eating junk, and worry. DAMN, you feel so much fucking better! But it is not easy, it takes daily dedication and discipline to perfect our imperfections.

The Sun & Moon form a perfect trine 2 degrees in Taurus & Virgo. Another stabilizing, yet adaptable conversation. When the Sun & Moon trine, it’s like a past life union of the divine. Masculine & Feminine, light & dark, ying & yang.

Taurus & Virgo rule money houses, they represent very two different, important aspects of our financial foundation and psychological beliefs surrounding money.

I was having a discussion with my partner this rising about money and manifesting. He’s an Aquarius, so they respect other viewpoints, but need to explain why theirs’ is right.

So anyways, long story short, I was explaining the real reason why good things come to those who patiently wait. But just because you wait, doesn’t mean you are not doing shit! Oh, you better be actively making moves in your life.

I mentioned that story to say, with my North node in Taurus, which will be next year’s nodal shift.




Venus Uranus conjunct 10degrees in Taurus on a Jupiter day, generating unexpected shifts in our finances, social connections, value system, and weather. Global economy, banking, crypto, NFT's, and stocks. Exporting, importing, and marketing.


This new cycle between Venus & Uranus is a massive heart awakening that calls us to root ourselves into the new earth paradigm and watch our soul's crystalline blueprint bloom.


How could we expect it to be?

Because when lightening strikes, we step up in our power and live out the soul’s crystalline promise.

Uranus in Taurus until 2026 is the divine union of the heavens and Mother Earth. We know that Mother Earth is healing, we will see more healing throughout the year with natural disasters, new species of animals & insects, and agricultural changes.

Security, Stability, Preservation, and Values, are important themes going forward.

This is about energy.

It’s about what, where, why, how, and who you give your energy too. This is a perfect time to finally uncover what motivates you. Take the sheet off and find out what's hiding.

What are your core values?

Do you believe you deserve a life of luxury?

Be intimate, honest, raw, and real with yourself.

The best relationship is the one with SELF!

The power of richness is in YOU! Now it's time to bring it down from the higher realms.


Today's Recommendations

  • Cleansing and purification rituals

  • Clearing out clutter

  • Dieting, exercising, and incorporating healthy eating habits

  • Getting out your head and into your heart

  • Leaving worry behind

  • Making gifts, donating, and being of service to others.

Don't miss today's opportunities, worrying about yesterday

With Love!


A simple money and prosperity ritual

* Green or white candle (pillar or 7day)
* Sage or other herbs for cleansing, than follow up with burning     herbs to generate positive energy.
* Cinnamon, orange, and patchouli essential oil 
* Money drawing herbs such as bay leaves, basil, allspice, clove, rosemary, and 1/8 cup olive oil
* A Dollar bill, or any form of real currency you desire to generate

-Clear your space of negative energy by burning sage or other herbs. Make sure to follow up with burning positive energy yielding herbs like jasmine or some frankincense. 

-Crave or write your intention on your candle, or a symbol to represent your intention. A piece of paper will work as well. The key is to check in with your intution and what works best for you. This is simply a guidline. 

Grind and mix your others herbs to a powdery substance, combine with oils, using about 4 drops of your essential oils. 

Start dressing your candle in the mixture from the top. 
While dressing your candle, pray and visualize you living the life of your intention. Pour your highest energy into it.
Once you feel you are done, place your candle on your alter, with a glass of water, and your money. 

Light your candle while chanting or praying. 

Allow your candle to burn until it self-extinguishes. Of course, general warning, please be careful when working with fire. Once complete, do not fear, stress, or worry. Give to God, Move forward and carry on with your day. 

Best performed Thursday through Friday night! 

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