Weekly Astro Forecast: January 11th-17th - Trust The Alchemy of Life

The week ahead ushers in dynamic change marking a period where you have put forth an enormous effort, but the fear of failure may stall your ability to produce what you want to cultivate. Trust and believe that your hard work is paying off. Do your best to fight your fears. Use them as fuel to go harder and apply patience while the universe orchestrates your dreams.

Represented by the 7 of pentacles symbolic of Saturn and Taurus energy, this week signifies your ability to remain positive while you patiently wait for your crops to yield. This is about working smarter not harder, the Mars in Taurus' motto “Slow and steady wins the race”.

You will be tested in your ability to remain patient and embrace unexpected change.

The Capricorn New Moon closes the eclipse gateway ruled by Pluto, which opened back on November 14th, 2020. The theme of this gateway was alchemy and transformation, the very same themes that we will revisit this week.

A new sense of spiritual awareness is granted under the 111 portal that invokes mental body healing of the highest order. There are dark places that you still need to revisit and Pluto will illuminate those shadows.

It is important to examine the relationship you have with change since it triggers stress responses in our bodies. The unexpected change brought on this week by Uranus and the transformation brought on by Pluto can trigger old wounds and traumas. Guess what? I know you are tired of hearing about old wounds and traumas, but there is still important healing and self-realization that needs to take place. Self-mastery requires multiple attempts. This is one of those attempts that initiate you on to higher levels of consciousness.

Slow down and ground. Be open to the new experiences and respond from a place of love, overshadowing fear.

Let’s check out this week’s planetary conversations!

January 11th

Jupiter sextile Chiron (Aquarius/Aries 5 degrees)

Mercury Jupiter Conjunction 5 degrees Aquarius

Mercury sextile Chiron (Aquarius/Aries 5 degrees)

Today’s planetary conversations open new doorways towards spiritual progress that make it easier for you to combat any wound. Occurring 5 degrees, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, both sextile Chiron pouring down streams of consciousness to heal from mental insecurities. Chiron reminds us of hardships and pain, that one shitty ass wound that just won’t go away. Mercury & Jupiter conjunct, supplying an abundance of power to heal mental insecurities so you may rise above those old Chiron wounds and open your consciousness to new experiences. This conversation also suggests that healing religious trauma needs to take place.

Religions were stepping stones to lead us all back to God, they were to help us remember our divinity. We could not hold the same belief, we had to create different systems to adapt to every race. Unfortunately, man’s ego found a way to distort the truth of sacred practices and religions, conditioning people for decades. Your body is your temple and you are Christ, the real church is internal.

There is a surge of divine inspiration under the 111 pathway, along with a renewed sense of faith and optimism. The powerful triple conjunction with Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn represents the illumination of the divine mind.

When we look at any aspect involving Chiron, we want to go back to childhood and add the other planets involved to reveal the story. In this case, when we add Mercury we see that during childhood there were communication issues, either talking with a lisp, stuttering, or other forms of speech impediments. Jupiter shows us that there are deep psychological wounds that stem from education and religion. Since Mercury is in his supreme position of power, our mental body upgrades to the highest levels of excellence, as Chiron invokes profound states of healing. These mental upgrades attract new spiritual experiences in your life. Let your imagination soar, write down your ideas, tap into the energy of inspiration, and fill your cup.

The Moon spends the day in Capricorn gearing up for the first New Moon of 2021. This energy will structure your whole year. The Moon in Capricorn suggests that you need to internally work to discipline yourself to explore and develop your inner world. Ignoring your emotions will only create future outbursts. Tap into the Capricorn mountain of strength because it’s time to get your life in order.

January 12th

Capricorn New Moon 23 degrees

Venus square Chiron (Capricorn/Aries 5 degrees)

Mercury square Uranus (Aquarius/Taurus 6 degrees)

The first New Moon of 2021 occurs 23° in the ambitious sign of Capricorn. Our divine authority, director of our crown, and spiritual power. Capricorn symbolizes the doorway to the soul’s evolution and higher planes of consciousness. Conjunct Pluto, the New Moon triggers deep memories of the past to remind you how powerful and strong you are. Activating a deep subconscious purge and illumination that tests your ability to apply the wisdom gained from previous years into your current situations. It is time to apply, to become intentional, and to surrender to the divine changes taking place in this realm. The sensitive degrees of 23 (5) signifies the calibration of 2021 (5), clearing away the soul’s imperfections. With 4 other conjunctions and 6 squares occurring under the New Moon, divine authority and a higher power will be unleashed to help you reach your personal mountain top. You have the ability to overcome hurdles and obstacles when unexpected change heads your way. Clarity, confidence, and discipline are gained under this energy. You have grown so much in the past year, trust yourself, and tap into your power. Apply wisdom and set your New Moon intentions to fuel the whole year.

Since Capricorn rules the government and hierarchy, expect more news as Pluto continues to dismantle the matrix. You may not understand the change that is taking place because it isn’t wrapped in a fancy box with a bow, but this change is important to where we are headed as a collective.

Venus Chiron square forms a stepping stone to clear away distractions and heal that shitty ass wound that still takes up space in your heart.

Stop resisting and let go once and for all. Don’t be afraid, you will not fall.

Mercury square Uranus brings unexpected news. There will be shifts in humanity and many things will be exposed. Engage in breathwork, hydrate, and eat foods that will calm your nervous system. There is an intense wave of unstable energy under this transit. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Everything will work itself out.

January 13th

Mars square Saturn (Taurus/Aquarius 3degrees) First of 2 Mars Saturn squares occurring 1/13 & 11/10.

Venus trine Uranus (Capricorn/Taurus 6degrees)

The first of 2 Mars Saturn squares that are the checkpoints for grounding our actions and setting goals for the year. The second square occurs on 11/10/2021 when Mars is in Scorpio.

Under today’s energy, the function that forces action meets the function that blocks that action, dispelling any ego like behavior with limitation and discipline. The key under this square is to learn how to properly guide and structure your actions and desires so that they are aligned with your higher self, strengthening your spiritual will to achieve. There are valuable lessons to learn from both sides. Saturn benefits from loosening the grip and Mars benefits from tightening it. Together these two planets help you break through the internal conflict, with blossoming opportunities to gain discipline and strength to organize and structure your actions in accordance with your higher self.

Venus trines Uranus sparking unexpected events and contacts with exes who you thought were through with you, or you thought you made it extremely clear you were through with them. While the energy of this aspect brings in new social excitement, check in with yourself before you answer the call and say YES! Casual sexual affairs are brought on by this aspect and it’s important to check in with yourself and the decisions you are making.

If your relationship has been in the ruts and you are looking to experiment and try something new, this is just the aspect to drop them draws and let loose.

The Moon moves into the innovating sign of Aquarius until Friday afternoon, testing our ability to emotionally detach from the changes and situations occurring. Focus on remaining leveled headed through the pressure and detach from the outcome. Flow and allow the universe to take control.

January 14th

Uranus Direct

Sun Pluto conjunction 24 degrees Capricorn

The great awakener stations direct after a 6month period of traveling retrograde. Back on August 15th, 2020 during an eventful summer, Uranus stationed retrograde 10 degrees in the fixed sign of Taurus. This station brought about unexpected change that was needed to help condition the intuition to attain the proper perception of our physical reality. Uranus is the sudden jolt of electricity that sparks evolutionary growth. The father of the heavens and lover of Mother Earth, Uranus is our conscious connection to the source of life. After we pass through the gates of Saturn, Uranus comes in to transform worn-out methods and ways. Since Uranus ushers in unexpected change, the majority of the time that change comes in forms we are not accustomed to. Sparking chaos and confusion. It is during those moments of confusion we are tested to exercise our spiritual will to achieve gratitude and stability during those moments of friction.

So what does Uranus direct 6 degrees in Taurus mean? Well… This is a blast of explosive and grounding energy that supports and sustains our new foundation. We will experience a major shift in our resources and value system. Rapid change and unpredictable energies weep the planet and usher in massive elevations for the collective. While we ground, Uranus wants to teach us how to detach so that way when life challenges us to do better, we don‘t resist and we allow the energy to push us on the right path. Uranus in Taurus aims to change our perceptions, our values, and how we generate our resources.

During this time Uranus is square Jupiter in a 1.66-degree orb, exact on the 17th. With Uranus also square Saturn in a 3.96-degree orb, exact on Feb. 17th and June 14th.

This also affects our planet, expect earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Mother Earth is pissed and upset at all the bloodshed and war on this planet. She is seeking to transmute our chaos. Send Mother Earth healing energy and thank her for being our foundation.

The Sun Pluto conjunction triggers a powerful transformation of the ego, challenging your identity and self-esteem. The Sun and Pluto are at opposite sides of the spectrum, yet they complete the whole picture.

You may sometimes feel as life places you in situations that are beyond your control, leaving you powerless and weakening your self-esteem. Generating ego defense mechanisms of anger, aggression, jealously, manipulation, and obsessive behaviors. Those who have been consumed by power will have to face the truth before you end up on a path leading to total destruction of your soul.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anoint my head with oil; my cup runneth over”

This portion of Psalm 23 is significant to our journey this year. Use the whole prayer to guide you through the confrontation of the many illusory selves.

This convo between the Sun & Pluto also increases your magnetic sexual power. Your sex is sacred, treat it as such and harness its true power of alchemy, healing, and immortality. You are in control, do not let anything stand in your way.

January 15th

Moon in Pisces

The Moon moves into the intuitive waters of Pisces today until January 18th, 2021 at 1:06am CST. This placement symbolizes having an excess of emotional energy that needs to be released and mastered. While our emotions are changeable by nature, when the Moon is in Pisces they change even more. Under this energy you may be more sensitive, your emotions and feelings may be difficult for you to share, causing you to withdraw from the outside world. We have experienced a whirlwind of energy the past few days and it is best you tune out all distractions and just relax. Your personal struggles are a part of defining your higher purpose.

There are no other major conversations today. Just a few minor convos and a chance for us to recharge.

January 16th

Mercury Pallas conjunction 13 degrees Aquarius

Mercury reigns high in his supreme position of Aquarius. Here he blends with Pallas to help us unite our creative strategy with our ability to see patterns to uncover the truth. The aspect is excellent for solving problems, putting information together, and communicating new solutions. A breakthrough of mental anxiety and confusion is granted under this energy.

January 17th

Jupiter Uranus square (Aquarius/Taurus 6 degrees)

Last occurred 8/21/13, 2/26/14, and 4/20/14. With the next cycle occurring 9/10/27

The inner struggle to release the tension and transcend the limitations of the ego increases as Jupiter forms a stepping stone that is the portal to our spiritual evolution. Indicating that your inner philosophy is at odds with the collective and it may be hard for you to exercise your truth. There is trauma in the entire collective belief system and the energies represented by this square bring the ultimate gift of awareness. It brings the ability to transcend the collective trauma and advance on to the next level of spiritual application and higher self-manifestation.

This is a sudden shift in fortunes, revealing brand new big opportunities. Rewards for all the inner work that you have dedicated yourself to. Unfortunately for those who have not been actively doing the work, there will be friction and stress as your inner truth is challenged to a new perception.

The alchemy of this week is profound. Practice detachment and surrendering to the divine changes and surges of inspiration flooding this realm. Treat every day as a sacred ritual. Your body is the temple, Honor your divinity, your sacredness, and power. Blast through the shadows and elevate on to higher grounds. Trust the alchemy of life and unleash the power of sex. The power of creation, death, and transformation. This week is about dissolving the ego’s barriers, allowing for a mutual understanding of your soul and ego to spark.

Remember to stop breathe, ground, shake your arms & feet, get that dirt off your shoulders, and be open to receive.

With Love,

Tracie ❣️

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