Weekly Energy Forecast- Jan 1st- 10th 2021

This week’s tarot card is the 6 of swords.

Quite fitting as we leave 2020, journeying away from all the stress and turmoil, while creating a new life from a higher vision and enlightened lens of clarity. This minor arcana card represents Mercury in Aquarius and signals a powerful retrograde that begins on 1/30, kicking off a dynamic year of change and transformation.

Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, known as the Great Awakener that provides a clearer perspective for us to move forward.

As we journey towards a new life, detachment from the outcome is key. You need to be able to analyze and view your future aspirations and goals without being bias or applying too much emotion.

Trust yourself and know you have the ability to move forward after difficult experiences and make decisions that will benefit your life.

Sudden jolts of electricity signify a greater awareness of our thinking and actions. Do not waste your time stressing over old traumas, that slows down healing and weakens your immune system. We really need to let the baggage go and move forward.

Trust the process, because change requires your full participation.

January 1st

Mercury sextile Neptune (Capricorn/Pisces 18 Degrees)

Mercury kicks off the first Friday of 2021 engaging in an easygoing sextile with Neptune. Under this energy, our inner operating system gains a boost of divine clarity and inspiration. The functions between these two connect you with the transpersonal dimension that challenges your ego. There are opportunities for you to make use of this energy in a positive way when dealing with unhealed aspects of your ego and it’s important not to reject them. Be present, let go of fixed ideas, and be willing to transform your mind. We are dissolving the attachments and barriers of the lower mind and connecting with a higher vision. The wisdom provided today, is wisdom that flows throughout the whole year. We can see clearly now, the rain is gone! We have the ability to see all obstacles in our way.

January 2nd

Today is empowering as Mars finally recovers from his retrograde, preparing to enter the compassionate and grounding sign of Taurus in a few days. Mars in Aries 2020, was a hero’s journey of a lifetime. A cycle that hasn’t occurred in over 32 years. Teaching us how to properly channel our misplaced anger, frustrations, and fear. Along with releasing ego-based identities, titles, and roles. The ruler of our physical body, inner sexual power, and truth. With Mars in Taurus, we will be free to breathe, ground, and live authentically from our hearts. Releasing the fear and inflammation around our heart space and physical body. Mercury forms an eliminator with the North Node and the choices we make from here on out will determine success in the years to come.

The Moon enters the reserved sign of Virgo for organizing and tidying future plans. This energy grants you the ability to activity know the correct and proper course of action. Adding a touch of grace and perfection. Do not allow insecurities of emotional attachment to cause anxiety and nervousness in your life. The Moon in Virgo may increase headaches or migraines. It’s important to engage in breathing techniques along with mindfulness meditation.

January 3rd

Venus trine Eris (Sagittarius/Aries 23 degrees)

Venus and Eris manifest under the stars today, creating new pathways to elevate and live from your heart. We have to learn how to tame our inner fire of devotion and not be consumed by rage. Mastering our inner fire. When we honor our feelings and the shadows that arise, we birth the possibility of change. When we surrender to the sacred vibrations of our heart, we are able to live authentically in this realm. Mercury conjuncts Pluto clearing the mental distortion and fog that holds you captive and prevents you from accessing your heart. It is through the shadows you shine bright.

January 4th

The Moon enters Venus-ruled Libra for inner balancing and harmony. This energy also increases the need for social interaction, but may also bring up inner issues regarding codependency. Your self-worth and values should not be determined by the actions and reactions of others. Continue to make peace with any past family conditioning and influences. That does not define you, what defines you is the choice you make going forward to be your own source of power.

Mercury squares Eris, while conjunct Pluto in an explosive conversation that rebirths the divine mind. Pluto takes Mercury into the depths of the subconscious mind for realization, and divine mind revealing. This conversation between the planets may disrupt your intellect and threaten your ego. This tricks you to go into hiding and buries the authentic parts of self. There is so much mystery and power to uncover in the unknown parts of the mind. Don’t hold back, explore the mysteries of your mind.

January 5th

We have no major conversations between the planets today. A perfect opportunity to rest and recharge. Write down new ideas and inspirations that flow to you from spirit. Trust everything that is being revealed. This is the integration of your 3d self with spirit.

January 6th

At last, Mars moves forward into the compassionate and grounding sign of Taurus. Here we are able to ground our mental body in higher consciousness. Taurus is the material form of creation, Mother Earth, the sacred tree of life. Mars in Taurus will teach us slow and steady wins the race, patience and trust is key. A brand new soul journey of compassion, grace, integrity, and love. This station creates a new wave for the divine masculine & feminine to live authentically from their hearts. It grants us an opportunity to focus and ground our actions while learning to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

January 7th

The Moon enters the underworld of Scorpio for total transformation. Although Scorpio is not the Moon’s favorite placement, we will learn that uncomfortable placements generate new opportunities to align with your soul’s blueprint and release emotional attachments.

January 8th

Mercury square Mars (1° Aquarius/Taurus)

first of 3 squares occurring 1/8, 2/10, and 3/23

Today is an extremely busy day as Venus moves into Capricorn, reclaiming our divine power and connection to source. Mercury shifts into Aquarius forming an electrifying square with Mars, while the Sun sextiles Neptune. The first of three squares between Mercury and Mars, with the other two occurring 2/10 and 3/23, pre retrograde, during, and post energy we are dealing with under these series of squares. The union of the physical body grounded in 5d with the higher mind. Aquarius is known as the Great Awakener, the sudden jolts of electricity that shake the status quo and usher in unexpected change. With Mercury entering Aquarius preparing to station retrograde on the 30th, the divine mind will be revealed.

An important astrological figure called a Yod, the finger of God and Fate is activated today between the Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Scorpio, and the North Node in Gemini. This energy will unveil over time but represents a powerful psychological reset that illuminates the path to your soul’s purpose. The full integration of your Sun qualities with your Moon is the key to living out a successful year.

January 9th

Venus trine Mars (1degree Capricorn/Taurus)

Mercury conjunct Saturn 2° Aquarius

A union of the heart never felt so divine. A love rooted in Mother Earth, so nourishing and sweet. After an intense journey, Mars is now grounded in the seat of his heart, linking up with Venus to reclaim the warrior’s divine power and authentic connection to source. This magnetic union increases sexual energy and has the ability to elevate relationships to higher levels. Also increasing the need for entertainment and social interaction. This energy may enhance the need to achieve long term commitment to feel happy. Remember, the true union of hearts is internal. Happiness starts with self.

Mercury conjuncts Saturn, 2 degrees in the consciousness of Aquarius. This degree of Aquarius, along with the conjunction, represents structuring the action that follows right afterthought. The great awakener strikes again, this time clearing away all mental distractions, so that you may become disciplined and organize your intellect. The Moon enters Sagittarius later this evening for mental purification. The fire of Sagittarius emits physical wisdom so we may empower ourselves and purify the mental body for healing and expansion to take place. It is time to keep your word! Hold yourself accountable for the inner promises you make.

January 10th

Eris, the Goddess of discord and strike stations direct to take down the patriarchy and provide resources to build the new paradigm. Her retrograde along with conversations to Mars and Pluto demanded that we “KNOW THY SELF” Know our anger, fear, pain, and most importantly, our power. It is time we fight for ourselves and remember our sacred pack as keepers of the Earth.

Honor your intuition and trust your path. Practice connecting the presence of yourself this week. Breathe life into your body and ground in your heart. Set aside 15 minutes each day to connect with the sacred vibrations of your heart and remember to thank your cells for all the amazing work they do to keep you healthy.

Have a wonderful week

With Love,

Tracie <3

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