Sacred Goddess Candle

Sacred Goddess Candle

This custom made Sacred Goddess Ritual candle is Reiki infused and dressed with oils to help elevate the Goddess in you.  Great for alter offerings 

**Stands 2in tall** 
All candles are made to order. 
Processing may take 10days**

Milk and honey scented 

Please select the color for your handmade candle, that best fits your intentions.

Strength, Stimulation, Energy, Happiness, Friendship, Self-Control, Intellect, Enthusiasm, Joy, Sacral Chakra

Love, Romance, Friendship, Self-Love, Happiness, Harmony, Affection, Honor, Spiritual Awakening, Unselfishness, Femininity

Wisdom, Justice, Communication, Meditation, Wishes, Harmony in the Home, Peace, Water element magic, Serenity, Honesty, Health, Throat Chakra

Earth, Good Luck, Money, Prosperity, Success, Abundance, Health, Fertility, Employment, And heart chakra 

Love, Relationships, Sex, Passion, Lust, Loyalty, Energy, Courage, Life, Fire, and Root Chakra

Confidence, Mental Clarity, Communication, Creativity, Success, Unity, Action, Inspiration
Clairvoyance, Air element magic, Universal Love, and Solar Plexus Chakra

Wisdom, Power, Spiritual Awareness, psychic development, Tranquility, Pride, Confidence, Empowerment, Leadership, and Third Eye Chakra

Protection against Negative Energy, Banishing, Separation, Breakup, Protection against Evil Spirits, Black Magic, reversal spells 

Law, Stability, Order, Balance, Concentration, Intuitive Communication, Earth & Nature Magic, Indecision

Purification, Peace, Truth, Destroys Negative Energies, Spirituality, Cleansing, Aura Healing, Altar, Ancestors, Crown Chakra, the universal color of purity

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