Lilith Triple Goddess Reading

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This Intuitive AstroReading focuses on the 3 main lilith placements and how this energy relates to you in your life and is for both men and women, as Lilith represents sexual freedom and your dormant creative powers. In astrology Lilith ignites what is true and deeply hidden for both men and women. She is our wounds of rage, dimensions that we hide and only unleash when threatened. Our Lilith sign connects us deeply to our primal instincts and natural impulses. She represents sexual freedom, feminine power, taking control, and the inner rage that is felt when we finally break free of the cage. So many aspects of the Divine Feminine are triple goddesses and in your reading we will explore all 3. Revealing the demonized and hidden aspects of self. This reading will help you become aware of and heal the dark hidden parks of yourself. Ultimately unleashing your full creative potential. ( (Story of Lilith Lilith was said to be Adam’s first wife. Before Eve there was Lilith. But the situation with Lilith is that she was not willing to be subservient to Adam, at least not in the bedroom. She was her own woman and wanted to be considered equal to Adam. He didn’t agree, so Lilith escaped and found a lair of demons that took her in. There she had her sexual awakening. She slept with all the demons and had many demon babies as a result. Lilith is our inner sexuality that is seeking freedom. (PLEASE HAVE YOUR CORRECT TIME OF BIRTH AND LOCATION. NO REFUNDS FOR INACCURATE INFOR

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